1. Vent Silencer with 40 dB(A) Attenuation

Opening vents can generate noise up to 150-160 dB(A), cause hearing damage and noise pollution for the environment. Stringent limitations on noise production are imposed.

Different demands require a different approach. With our extended experience, we can help solve your complex noise pollution problems by turning extreme requirements into practical solutions. Our goal is to be leaders in our field; our success has been proven in the past 35 years. If you have the requirements Axces Steam and Flow Control can help you with your custom-made Vent Silencer.

Applicable regulations and design codes differ from one another. All our components are calculated and subjected to internal pressure. Construction and compliance are according to the applicable Pressure Vessel Code for the district or industry of your operations.

The pressure-reducing inlet of Axces Vent Silencers together with the noise generated by the valve is calculated using CONVAL-9. Giving us accurate noise calculations and optimal compact designs.