1. Spark Arrestor
  2. Spark Arrestor with 18 dB(A) Attenuation
  3. Spark Arrestor with 24 dB(A) Attenuation
  4. Spark Arrestor with 32 dB(A) Attenuation

Axces has a wide range of Spark Arrestors. They can be installed as a stand-alone Spark Arrestor or as a Spark Arrestor with attenuation, which can be mounted in an exhaust gas system. Axces Spark Arrestors are DNV, BV, and RMRS type approved.

The operation of the Spark Arrestors is based on physical centrifugal forces. Gases are forced to create rotary movements by way of a fixed number of angeled positioned lades. As a result, the heavy carbon particles are smoothly collected in the designed soot box. Maintenance For the correct operation of the spark arrestor, it is important to remove the cap at regular intervals, so caught particles can be removed.