SA Spark Arrestor - 18" (NB 450)

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NB (mm)450
Spark arrestorYes
Pipe size (mm - actual)457,2
C (mm)1250
D (mm)1550
A (inch)18"
FrequencyAttenuates No Frequencies
  • Function The operation of the Spark Arrestors is based on physical centrifugal forces. Gases are forced creating a rotary movements by way of a fixed number of angeled positioned blades. As a result the heavy carbon particles are smoothly collected in the designed soot box.
  • Maintenance For correct operation of the spark arrestor, it is important to remove the cap at regular intervals, so catched particles can be removed.
  • Principal The Spark Arrestor type SA has its function to prevent materials usually sparks and other flameable carbon particles leaving the exhaust system.
  • Spark Arrestor The Spark Arrestor type SA can be installed in exhaust systems where sparks, flamable carbon particles, or other parts have to be separated.
  • Mounting The Spark Arrestor can be installed both horizontal and vertical.
  • Exhaust Gas Speed Advised Exhaust Gas Speed between 20–50 m/s.
  • Material Spark Arrestors are produced out of Steel 37-2 (S235JRG2).
  • Temperature Maximum allowable temperature is 600°C.
  • Custom Made Spark Arrestors are also manufactured based on specific dimensions or client’s requirements.