1. Rubber Compensator

Yellow ring rubber bellows are made from a nitrile rubber compound (ECO) and provide resistance to water up to 70°C and oil up to 90°C, however, this is influenced by the working pressure. Rubber bellows with flanges have a special flow-assisting convoluted shape the bellows which minimize detrimental turbulence of the medium and pressure loss. High tensile strength texture cord plies combined with proven synthetic rubber mixes guarantee maximum reliability and extended working life.

The rubber bellows are produced with a vulcanized steel ring to guarantee a perfect sealing of the profiled sealing rings in the special chamber of the swivel flanges. The average installed insulation is about 25 dB, a figure which is further improved by compressed installation. The standard flange range is made of carbon steel S235JR, drilled according to DIN PN10/16, and electrolytic galvanized.