1. Full Face DIN2573 PN6
  2. Full Face DIN2576 PN10
  3. Full Face DIN 86044
  4. Full Face ANSI 150
  5. Full Face JIS B2220 - 5K
  6. Full Face JIS B2220 - 10K
  1. Ring DIN2573 PN6
  2. Ring DIN2576 PN10
  3. Ring DIN 86044
  4. Ring ANSI 150
  5. Ring JIS B2220 - 5K
  6. Ring JIS B2220 - 10K

Exhaust Gaskets are used to connect two flanges without causing exhaust gas leaks. Axces gaskets are made from graphite material which has been reinforced with stainless steel wire. This creates a guaranteed leak-proof installation. Gaskets can also be made in specific dimensions.